The Clear Cards

Sakura Card Captor, Clear cards, image

The Clear Cards, are the new cards in the CSS universe of unknown origin, that started to appear after the Sakura Cards had turned blank and clear.

I tried to browse the net looking for image versions of the cards and here is the result (some images were at low resolution so I did my best to make it look better.

They are in order of appearance (capture) from the anime. Enjoy!

The first pack (first 5 episodes) and the most used by Sakura.

Action clear card

I had the Action card as a separate image. 

Record clear card

Flight clear card

Lucid clear card

Spiral clear card

Snooze clear card

Labyrinth clear card

Reversal clear card

Hail clear card

Appear clear card

Blaze clear card

The source of the images were wikia and Google images, but feel free to ping back this post if you use them from here. :)

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