Pop Team Epic

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It's not easy to explain what is Pop Team Epic, but let's say is a surreal manga/anime pair of schoolgirls named Popuko (shorter, blond-haired, and exceptionally quick to anger) and Pipimi (taller, blue-haired, and is generally calmer).

Pop Team Epic

The both can be seen doing absurd comedy about practically the otaku industry making appearances in a lot of anime references.

The funny thing about them is their faces are so relatable that they seem practically perfect for the anime or situation they are mocking.

In the anime adaptation we can hear their voices, which in fact, are grossy and hard-male when you would expect the typical Japanese sweet female voice.

Choose your starter pokemon.

Popuko playing the Xylophone

The duo began as a surreal 4-koma comic strip in Japan.

Popuko vrs The Forces of Evil

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