Anime in Review #9

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Another year has passed and I haven't watch all the anime shows I would have like to watch. But in this post I will try to share my thoughts of the shows and anime movies that I actually saw along the year.

Frame Arms Girl

Stylet es mi favorita. Lástima que no hayan muchas de ella.

I totally liked this show. Probably because I like the idea of mechanical girls in pantsu. Too bad it was a really short show and obviosly was sponsored by Kotobukiya to increase the sales of the PVC figures. It had CGI which was good implemented though.

Eromanga Sensei

I don't know anyone with that name.

Big disapointment of the season. Eromanga sensei promised too much and was badly conceived in my opinion. The creators tried to make fun of repetitive jokes like for example Sagiri denying to know anyone with the name Eromanga Sensei.

The stepsister's love toward her brother (it was not incest but they focused like it was) were taken to an absurd level. There was even an episode without Sagiri (the main character) taking her apart. If there is a second season, please make a better story.

Tonari no Seki-kun

Who says 10 minute episodes can't be funny. This was a show with no dialogue at all but 100% funny because at some point we all have lived of feel it in our lives. Highly recommended.

Kobayashi's dragon maid

Her breasts are way beyond big.

A show I liked because the characters are all so adorable and relatable. The (not so) new girl in town (who is a dragon) trying to make a new friend (who has no spice and live an empty life). It was hillarious and the design, color and voices of the characters were very well done. I really wanted to see Kobayashi eating Tohru's tail for dinner.

Attack on Titan 2

The Fuzzy Titan.

Good show taken to the next level. We waited so long for the second season and at the end we wanted more (because there will be a third season). If you haven't see Attack on Titan yet I can assure you is a must for every otaku. I only wonder why Eren (and company) haven't arrived yet to Eren's parents house.

My Little Witch Academia

You don't have to worry Akko.

Little Witch Academy is an anime (25 episodes) that in my opinion is like the anime version of the Harry Potter saga (or share many similarities). Sure, fun, comical and hilarious situations will make you laugh, but there are also moments of difficulty, friendship and optimism. At the nearly last episodes there was a change in the plot but it ended well.


Ohh Emilia sama

An anime about time travel? think again. A Game? Probably no. You got transfered into a world where if you die you have to repeat a cicle until you do it right. But not only that, the psychological implications of your past errors that leads to the death of someone loved keeps all your attention in this show. Wait because I am almost sure there will be another season.

Blend S

New dish for the menu contest

The moe show of the year. Is short, cute and you can see miles away the love relationships taken place. My favorite character? Kaho, the girl in blond hair who likes video games. Your favorite girl? leave it on the comments section.

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