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Seifuku (制服) is the japanese word for school uniform. Although seifuku can be used for men and women, historically seifuku is more associated with the sailor style uniform we can find for girls (literally seifuku comes from the words sailor fuku or sailor outfit).

There are obviously some little (yet beautiful) variations and even the catholic school uniform style might be considered as seifuku in the general sense of the word.

The sailor style uniform makes their first appearance during the Edo period (also known as Tokugawa period) in late 19th century in Japan. Modeled in appearance similar to that of the European-style naval uniforms, today, school uniforms are common in many of the Japanese public and private school systems.

Ahead there is a moe image gallery devoted to this peculiar japanese uniform. Enjoy!

Source of the images: yande.re and Google images.

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