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Kizuna Ai is an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) character, in other words she is a Virtual Youtuber – the world’s first of its kind.

Tools and websites using AI technology have become increasing popular in these days, and Kizuna is no exception.

Kizuna has a channel in Youtube and aside from the AI element, Ai-chan performs the type of acts you would associate with a Youtuber. She is cute, has a nice voice, likes to talk about random stuff, sometimes she does live streaming and game broadcasting, she does dull stuff and funny faces and even arrogant sarcastic eye comments.

Did I say she us cute and hillarious??

Ai-chan created her Youtube account in December 2016, and now has 150,000 subscribers. That comes to about 5,000 subscribers every day, matching rates of top Youtubers – (and I’m trying to be one of them!) You ought to check out her videos too, because, human or AI, she’s super interesting.

Be aware Hatsune Miku and Cortana! There is a new girl in town!!

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