Moravian Karst and Blansko

Near Brno there are some geological caverns known as Moravian Karst. I was close to the site, so I decided to make my way there.

I mostly used this web page to make my trip to Moravian Karst. It was very useful and informative but I will share here my experience.

I made the hole trip on bus, train and by walk. I didn't take any taxy or tour (it is possible but a little more expensive).

When you look on Google Maps how to get from Brno to Moravian Karst there is (according to google) a bus that can take you there, but be aware. Moravian Karst is like a park and there are a lot of caverns to go, hike and see.

The most popular are Punkevni Jeskyne and Katerinska Jeskyne. To get there you have to take a train from Brno Central Station to Blansko (32CZK by 2016).

Once in Blansko (is a small kind of forgotten city you can walk around in 2 hours) right after getting off the train there is a bus station so you have to take a bus (20 CZK).  Everything is right and time connected so after train there is a bus.

I found this young couple who help me in my quick trip. :)

Ok, so you ask the driver you want to go to Punkevni Jeskyne. There is a bus stop but there is nothing in it.

Most people or tourist go by car, so you see like an empty and lonely place.

You have to walk like 2 Kms in the only road the bus doesn't take. Fortunately, there are some signs in the road to tell you are going in the right direction.

I went on a sunday in march (winter) so the information office at Punkevni Jeskyne was closed. But if you follow the road you will get the entrance to the caverns.

There is also a small funicular to get there but it was not operational that day. (90 CZK round trip, 70 CZK only one way).

So I got to the caverns. You have to pay 40 CZK to take pictures. I did pay but I saw a lot of people taking pictures with cellphones with no word about asking if they payed or not.

Katerinska Jeskyne is like 1 Kms of distance. You can go by walk or there is a little train (green line) that can take you there.

Be aware that the returning bus passes every 2 hours at the bus stop, so plan carefully your stay.

Once in there, I left Brno to go to my next city in my trip to Czech Republic: Telč (Telche).

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