Arkadia Shopping Mall

There is a brand new shopping mall in my neighborhood called Arkadia.  It has cloth stores, shoe stores and many other popular stores including a Wallmart.

I took the time to go and visit this mall last week. Since its very new not many people visit to it yet.

I wasn't lonely in my photo walk. Asuna in her navy uniform outfit was with me.

I wasn't aware of how important is to have a dollfie carrying case or bag to properly transport Asuna with me.

- Are you going to take a photo of me? Go ahead then.
*Asuna poses for the camera*

Restoration area. In the roof top of the mall there is loung area called "The Terrace".

Here is a great view of the surroundings from Arkadia's Terrace.

The parking lot is big and has a lot of space. It was kind of empy for that day but I guess weekends are more crowdy.

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