Comiket 85

Time for another photo review [hack] compilation post: Winter Comic Market Comiket 85 for your enjoyment.

Flickr friend Guilhem Vellut has a photo coverage of the event in his photostream.

Tokyo Big Sight early panorama.

Comiket is a very crowded event as you can see.

This girl was very brave to cosplay Kill la Kill in the cold.

Sensei Otaku has added some nice photos to his FB page too.

Searyota shares with us some pics of his comiket loot.

Blog friends 2nitaku has also a complete blog post of Comiket Cosplay Day 1

Have more links or pics to share? Feel free to post them in the comments area.

Want more pictures from Comiket?

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bluedrakon said...

Seems to be a great crowd each year and the cosplay always seems over the top too. Even in the cold, they wear those skimpy outfits for the crazy attention of hundreds of camera.

I want a wall calender like those, but not sure work would allow it :^)