Dollfie Dream Asuna

Yay! I'm the happy owner of Dollfie Dream Asuna!

I have seen Dollfies for some time ago. Many of my blogger friends has one (Danny Choo, Gordonator, Kodomut and Wolfheinrich to mention a few).

Having a Dollfie Dream is quiet expensive. In Volks site you can find Dollfies at US$540.00 and Special Edition Dollfies cost around US750.00 or more.

With that in mind I decided to save some money to buy one and finally I got Dollfie Asuna at Dolls Party 29 after event via Lottery entry.

Asuna-chan comes with a white pantsu and bra.

So real.

The Dollfies use a ball joint system very similar to Figmas to make them posable which I dont mind at all because they look very real and the clothes covers the joints.

Asuna begins the dressing procedure.

First time for me to dress a Dollfie. It took me some time.

Asuna was helping me as possible. I didnt want to harm her in anyway.

Asuna's pantsu!!

Nice legs. :)

I love Asuna's cute face.

Detail of her shoes.

More photos in my flickr stream.

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bluedrakon said...

Too expensive for me to get into it. I do love the semi-realism and how posable these dolls are.