Comiket 81

Another hack. This time Winter Comiket 81 brought to you thanks to flickr friends zeroryoko1974, PortalNippon and Crimotaku. Make sure to check out their photostreams for more pictures of the event.

Here's a view of the morning queue before enter to the Tokyo Big Sight. Photo taken by Gordonator.

Wow. Big and nice.....cosplay. ^^

The all Miku Cosplay variants.

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bluedrakon said...

that is one seriously crazy line to get up to the plaza

Always love the beautiful cosplay - need to see some in person one day and not on the computer though :D

Persocom said...

That very last picture, the Mayuri in it is my favorite of the cosplays. I really wish I could go somewhere like that but I'm afraid I'd freak out from the crowds.