Wonder Festival 2010 and giveaway winner

Wonder festival 2010 summer photo compilation after the jump. Many new figures for your enjoyment so start saving money so your wallet wont regret it later.

Miku is always one of my favorites.

Acsta Fate Testarossa

Pictures belong to these blogs with Wonder Festival reviews and photos you may like to visit:
wcloudxkumo blog
Danny Choo

As for the giveaway, I want to thank all gladiators who left a comment. I would like to do a link exchange with you. The winner was selected using Random.org page and Reirika was the lucky
Figma Haruhi winner as you can see in the printscreen.

Reirika, please send me an email to phossil[at]animoe.net with mail delivery instructions as soon as you can. Also, would be nice if you do a Haruhi photoshoot so we can post the pictures in here. ^_^

Keep commenting and visiting animoe for another giveaways oportunities.


Anonymous said...

"I never get everything, so is more like to say hello and hang in there with your blog, everything starts slow, if it doesnt, well.. easy come easy go :P"

You got something now. ^ ^;

Yi said...

Love the Fate figure in her alternate costume. She looks so lovely.

Anyways, missed the giveaway. :(
Congrats to the winner!

divinelight said...

the wonfest is the money drainage for figure collectors, well that's good I'm not too badly poisoned.

and congrats for the winner.

by the way, let's exchange links, I'm from gunpla world if you don't mind.

Nopy said...

Congrats to Reirika.

Phossil said...

@flawlessexa: After I got the number and read her comment I was thinking the same.

@Yi: Nanoha figures are always cute and well done.

@divinelight: yeah, sure. Adding you to my blogroll.

@Nopy: hope to continue doing giveaways in the future. ^^

Jamaipanese said...

ooh well I didn't win, excuse me while I go cry in a corner

Mao said...

awwww I guess lady luck isn't on my side >___<

anyway congrats to reirika
and real man doesn't cry (as if....XD)

Reltair said...

Ah, I missed the giveaway, but it's nice to see other people getting figures. ^^

Congrats to the winner!

Fabrice said...

As far as i now, ill be having some problems with my bank >.<