Ready to fight

Konata is ready to fight in this photoshoot.

Fight-o Konata-chan!!

but wait a sec... something is missing, dont you think?

- I wasnt completely ready but Im now!!

Come on!!

Not sure if Konata is a good fighting player. Lol.



Sara Fearon said...

Oh no she got finger-less gloves, that means business

Fabrice said...

Dont mess with Konata!

Phossil said...

@OptimisticPenguin: this is serious.

@Fabrice: She will defend all Otakus from the world. ^^

Blowfish said...

Luckily shes an Otaku and her punch will have the impact of a fly XD

Reltair said...

Putting on gloves equals serious business.

Unknown said...

cool gloves, teach her some moves from the movie "ip man". soon she will become shaolin girl. haha.

Yi said...

With those gloves, she really does look like a fighter!