Halloween gallery

A little anime girls gallery post celetrating Halloween. This time pumpkins are everywhere. Trick or treat!!
Images after the jump:

Images source: Moe.imouto


Reltair said...

Trick or treat!

Meh, I just sat at home.

Snark said...

Bah, Holloween is a pedophilic holiday; they are almost never any adult women going round trick or treating.

Nopy said...

I like the first pic, it reminds me of that figure of the halloween girl.

Yi said...

Happy Halloween. ^ ^

I really like the second image. She's really pretty. Thanks for the cute gallery.

Phossil said...

@Reltair: Same for me.

@Snark: Maybe in halloween parties are adult women.

@Nopy: Otakudan's blog also made a halloween anime girls gallery, and we have the same pic. ^^

@Yi: I hope you had a happy halloween too. ;)

Fernando said...

this is a really pritty anime Halloween collection. like the one with the chocolate