Independence Day Parade

In my previous post, I was getting ready to go downtown and watch Guatemala Independence Day Parade at central plaza in zona 1, and here are some pictures that I took of the event. Now, let me tell you, the event was very crowded and It was very difficult to walk in the streets. I ended up very tired and a little sunburned, but very happy.

As is ussual in Independence Day Parades, cute schoolgirls known as "Batonistas" (I dont know the English word but is similar to cheerleader) glad the event with her beauty and ritmic moves.

Also there were some "gastadores", (another word I cant accurately translate), but it refers to the first line of students who carries the school and country flags.

Also there were some Military academias in the parade. I think they prepared very well for this parade because they were wearing their gala uniforms.

More pictures at my flickr account.


Jonathan said...

Igual que los desfiles de aca, aqui iban tocando YMCA jaja

gordon said...

looks like fun. parades are always great t watch especially when there's cute cheerleaders in it. :3c

Phossil said...

@Jonathan: Para la proxima voy a ir a ver los desfiles de la Antigua~~

@Gordon: Cheerleaders are my real motivation to go and see parades. ^^

Guy said...

I wish our independence day celebrations had such cool stuff.

We used to get tanks to climb over and such where I live.

Also, weird, I was sure your blog was another blog. I blame my ailing memory!

And we don't have cheerleaders here, outside professional basketball games :(

Anonymous said...

Nice parade.. ^^ er.. no stormtrooper brigade??..
imperial taking the day off?