New Naruto episodes in CN

Good news for all Naruto fans (narutards?): Cartoon Network from latino America will be broadcasting new Naruto episodes dubbed in Spanish starting tomorrow.

It has been nearly 4 years since the last time CN broadcasted a naruto ep and since then it has been only Naruto re-runs from the first and second season mostly.

I must say that although Im not entirely a Naruto fan, I liked a lot the spanish dubbed version so Im curious to see the new and so waited naruto episodes. Well, I cant wait to see Sakura again.


Snark said...

Not much of a Naruto fan, but Rock Lee is fucking awesome.

Phossil said...

@Snark: I thought you will be more the Sasuke type.

Snark said...

Ugh, Sasuke is emo; the very antithesis of hotbloodedness!

Rock Lee however is the very personification of hard work and guts! He's pretty much Takaya Noriko, with less bouncy tits and more bushy eyebrows.