Another moving

Last weekend I was involved in another moving, but this time was a building rellocation at job. This was my second moving in the year and my third one in total, but the previous movings were only a cubicle sort of migration.

This time, we, I mean the enterprise, was moving to a bigger and brand new buildings across the street. Unfortunatelly, I couldnt take pictures of the initial moving process, instead I took pictures of what was left, mainly the endings.

The lobby after the clearout. Looks like there was a robbery. Almost nothing was left behind, not even the doors or halogen lamps.

Now, there was indeed some old stuff that was left but it was malfuntioning computers and trash. Some lamps and old hardware manuals too.

Here is a picture of the new place. In the left you can see my new cubicle. Well, its the same old cubicle. Since we move all the things, the management considered there was no need to buy new cubicles. Now at least, there is a window.

I will post some pictures of my cubicle later, when fully istalled.

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Snark said...

God, movings such a bitch -_-

Blowfish said...

Now add some Zombies and you have your perfect Apocalyptic Setting ^^

Phossil said...

@Snark: a lot of boxes to move. Its a pain...

@Blowfish: I think I have enough with my co-workers. Lol. They turn into zombies after 8 hours of work.

Anonymous said...

Dang that's a lot of stuff ._.