Outdoor photoshoot

Yesterday, I felt like going outside and do a little photoshoot of my favorite (and first) figma figures: Haruhi and Nanoha. The outdoor setup was my backyard. ^^

This picture is my favorite. A close up of Nanoha.

More pictures in my Flickr account.


Snark said...

I really like the Nanoha pictures!

By the way, are you planning to get the Signum figma when she comes out to further add to your mahao shoujo collection?

sonic_ver2 said...

Nice shot! Outdoor shot is as always, refreshing. Why didn't you bring Kagami also with you?

Kazearashi said...

Nice pictures :) I like the second last Nanoha picture, too bad it's a bit dark xD
I've done outdoor photoshot as well I hope I can post it soon x3

Phossil said...

@Snark: Indeed, I was planning to get her. ^^

@Sonic_ver2: I didnt thought in Kagamin. I only took with me Haruhi and Nanoha. ;)

@Kazearashi: I will check your blog.

Optic said...

Another fun filled outdoor shoot. ^^
Love to see more.

Blowfish said...

I like the pictures with the wet street.Those have a real nice flair
You should do more outdoor pics!

Persocom said...

Good pictures, outdoor shoots are always nice. Unfortunately I don't get my figures out of the house often enough.