Convencion Gamer

I know I havent do any anime related post lately, but for today, I want to change that. Yesterday, I went to an anime and gamer convention, organized by Club Argos in the Industry Park in Guatemala.

This is a general view of the event. Im glad this time the organizator chose a bigger place to do the convention.

Also as part of the event, where Magic Trading carg games and computer games also. Have you played Magic before? There was also some anime and otaku sales of figurines, tshirts and so on, but that was only a little bit. I didnt take any good picture of that, sorry..

But, in my opinion, the best of all the convention was the cosplayers. More pictures follows:

Cute cosplayer girl, but Im not sure who is she cosplaying. Any ideas?

I think the girl did an amazing cosplay.

Cutie. I couldnt resist to take a picture. A stormtrooper without his helmet in the back.

The previous two girls, were very funny. Both enjoyed a lot cosplaying and both had a lot of fun. Do you recognize the nendoroid figure they are holding? is my Miku nendoroid version. I ask them to hold Miku while I taked the picture. Both girls were very amazed with the figure. lol

A picture of the judges panel for the cosplay event, and the rest of people taking pictures (myself included) and filming.

More pictures and comlpete gallery at my Flickr account.


Snark said...

Heh, looks like you had fun >=D

And yeah, that girl in the fourth picture was cosplaying Xianghua from Soul Calibur; good game. You should play it.

Anonymous said...

Excelentes cosplays amigo!!

Anonymous said...

Man, wish Singapore had such grand conventions once in a while. Seems like you had a lot of fun ^^;

I miss playing card games though, especially Yu-gi-oh. The latest 5Ds series seem very cool :)

Phossil said...

@Snark: I had the feeling she was cosplaying a game. Thx for the info.

@imperiomoe: La siguiente convenciĆ³n sera en octubre.

@Konadora: I believe Sigapore has more organized conventions. Many Yu-gi-oh fans out there, ^^