Looking for a car

a Mini Cooper car is great for everyone.Girlies feels attracted by car owners, right?

Recently, and since I am in my new job getting out a little late for home Im considering to buy a car for transportation. Also I think its common understanding that being an owner of an automobile I would be more appealing for girlies. XD.

Im not entirely sure what kind of car Im looking for. I like the Hatchback models, like the Mazda 2 or the Toyota Yaris for example so Im looking similar car models. Now, this drive me to question my readers: Do you own a car? How much drive experience have you?

I dont own a car... yet, but considering your suggestions I will buy one as soon as possible. What aspects should I watch when buying a car? Well, Im planning to go to a car dealer and see whats the car offer.

For now, Im assure I will not buy a brand new car. First because I dont have enough money to buy it new, and second, I think for being my first car, a used would be better, because I dont have too much driven experience and I think Im gonna beat the hell out of the car in my first drives. ^^

By the moment, Im using public transportation, but not for too much time, I hope.


Fariz Asuka said...

Well, even though I already have a year of experience in driving a car, I am currently using my dad's car to travel around Singapore once in awhile..

I do wish of getting my own car but that will not happen so soon.. Try checking through forums and other sites to see whether there are any good car dealerships in your area..

Phossil said...

I use a little bit my stepfather's car, but I would like to buy my own car. ^^