Last day at job

For those who didnt know Im leaving my job and today's my last day.

Now that I come to think about it, Im just where I started. It is not like Im running away, because I dont consider it in that way. Instead it is more like a new beginning for me.

Im in part happy and sad at the same time. Im happy because I met very good, nice, cute and interesting people in the organization. I found many many good and cool friends and also I met a very cute and lovely girl who I felt in love with (I know I didnt supossed to do that and Its my fault.)

But Im sad because maybe I wont be see them to much often and the communication may be lost with them. All the things that happened ant the things that I learned will be priceless to me. I relate this events with the "equivalent exchange" topic in FMA, you know: "in order to gain, something of equal value must be lost".

After today Im gonna be part of the common subclass of unemployed people but Im trying to find the good side out of all this. For example, I will have some time to spare between my own personal projects, like this particular blog and for watching/reading my pending anime/mangas. Also, I have the chance to finish to master's degree at college.

In the meantime, I had a backup of all my personal data to take with me: photos, mp3, etc. I still can send some goodbye emails and trying to finish up my last minutes in my cubicle - which looks very empty without my paper mess and my anime and figures stuff.


Nopy said...

I wish you luck. I'm also considering getting a master's degree but it looks pretty hard.

Seantaku said...

Good luck with the new job. When it's a place you liked it's always hard to leave. And kudos on going back for the masters degree! I had to leave college prematurely to take care of my sick mother a few years back, but I decided a few weeks ago it's time to go back to school. It's pretty exciting.

Snark said...

A masters would be pretty pimp; have you thought of what kind of masters to pursue?

And yeah, leaving all your coworkers must be a bitch, but eh, it's life I can still keep in contact with them anyhow >=D

Phossil said...

@Nopy: With dedication and time study I think Its possible.

@Seantaku: Do your best then

@Snark: I share with them my personal contact info but who knows.

Blowfish said...

I was in the same situation for 3 months and it was a hard time.
The FMA quatoe was actually a pretty good example.Hope you find something soon

Optic said...

At least u found a good side to it as a temp occasion.

Kazearashi said...

Good luck on getting a new job and finishing your Masters! ^^

Phossil said...

@Blowfish: 3 months? I hope to find something quick.

@Optic: Seeing good in the bad. I think Im an optimistic guy.

@Kazearashi: Whats the worst that could happen??

Anonymous said...

:] Perhaps its a good time to take a short break ? Good luck with your job hunt !