Changing my blog name

Any K-ON blogs to follow?

Im considering to change my blog name but I want to hear the opinions of my fellow readers.

As you have seen, my blog its about my random thoughts about anime, technology and the things in my life. Actually This blog is named "My so called anime life" but I think the blog name should match with my domain name: "".

At beginning the blog was titled just "AnimenLife", a contraction of Anime + Life but later I saw two blogs with the same name. So I went for My so called anime life but now I see it as a long name.

When I see some other blogs, usually their name matches with the domain name they have (like Meronpan, Gordonator, Persocom, and so on..).

What do you think about my blog's name? Should I change it? Maybe I should think in another name but Im not a very creative person and I cant think in anything cool and catchy.

While i think about it Im doing some fix and twirls with the blog. I didnt noticed before but the site wasnt supported at all in IE 7 and superior. It has some bugs with the CSS template.


gordon said...

yes i agree that a blog whose name and domain name matches will be better. it's easier for new readers to remember.

btw i read your last few posts as well. good luck job hunting. at the mean time, enjoy your break.

Snark said...

Animoe sounds pretty swell, but it's up to you I guess. I'm personally pretty used to your current blog name. That said, I do rather like the ring of animoe.

sonic_ver2 said...

Animoe sounds better to me. Definitely sounds cooler than the current title IMO.

But just want to let you know that "moe" word is already commonly used for blog title.

Phossil said...

@Gordon: I think in my readers too. thx for your support.

@Snark: I think short names are better than large ones.

@Sonic_ver2: What? Are you telling me there are more "moe" blogs??

Persocom said...

I'd say animoe is short and sweet. Nothing wrong with the name you have now of course, but I understand what you want to do and think it'd work good.

Anonymous said...

I like animoe. Shorter and more iconic than the current title. :)

Phossil said...

@Persocom: I think will keep the subtitle for reference.. haha. ^^

@thecoococafe: More iconic? Ok, thx for the observation. I pretend the blog to be more iconic in the cloud.

G2 said...

I think when the blog's name and the domain's name are the same, it will be easier for the readers to remember. Same goes to having a shorter name.