Blog updates

New blog updates but this time they are minor updates.

First added and expanded my blogroll with all the blogs Im currently following. I would be very pleased if I could get the same link back. If you want to be in my blogroll, you can drop me a comment.

Second and mainly, I've changed my blog's name to match with my domain name After thinking for it and considering your opinions, I decided to make my blog more memorable, easy to remember and iconic in the cloud.


Seantaku said...

Very nice! Changed the name on my page.

Where is that picture from?

G2 said...

Congratulation for the new name. Added it in my blogroll. ^^

Anonymous said...

I've changed the name on my blogroll :) seems like the link to my blog goes to xD

sonic_ver2 said...

Updated the new title in my blogroll. Anyway, where's your blogroll anyway?

Kazearashi said...

Ohh, new blog name =D Looks good now, easier to remember and moe moe kyun! lol...

Optic said...

I've had u on my RSS feed for a while but I don't recall adding ya.

Updated and added ya. ^^

Blowfish said...

Matching Blogname and URL is the right thing.Its easier to remember and wont confuse people.
You can use My So called Anime Life as a Subtitle ^^

Ill add ya as soon as possible! I know ims aying this since ages but didnt find the time to update my blogroll

Phossil said...

@Seantaku: Its from Sky Girls. ^^

@G2: Thanks.

@thecococafe: hehe, damn copy & paste. Its fixed now.

@sonic_ver2: The blogroll only shows up in the main page. dont know why (blogger bug maybe).

@Kazearashi: Its part of a transition phase. :P

@Optic: Thats ok.

@Blowfish: I know what you mean. It took me a while to update my blogroll.