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In a previous post, I was describing the benefits and use of Brief as a feed reader. Now I want to share with you my experiences with Google feed reader.

Although Brief is very good when you have firefox browser and only use a standalone computer (I mean one PC in only one location), Google feed reader solution gaves you more flexibility in the following situations

* You are constantly changing computers and want a movible feed reader without the need of installing the software every time.
* You are connected to the internet "almost" all the time.
* You use different internet browsers (or dont use Firefox at all) and/or cant install brief pluggin.
* You are a restricted user and cant install anything.

So, now I am in constant use of Google feed reader. I check my favorite feeds right after I check my mail. My only negative opinion is that I think there isnt an easy way to manage the feeds (I havent found a nice way to do it - If you know tell me), like for example to subscribe easyly.

By the moment, Im suscribed to 47 feeds (dont hesitate to ask me to add your site) and I hope this humble blog to be part of your current subscriptions.


Anonymous said...

I now have something like over 180 feeds, considering both active and inactive that is. :(

But yes, Google Reader is way more flexible for such situations that you mention. I far prefer FeedReader but then again I use it for home use only.

Anonymous said...

i am reading this post on google reader as we speak. it certainly saves me a lot of time instead of going to the blog itself and found that there's no new posts.

Snark said...

Jesus...47 feeds? How do you get through them all? o.O

Phossil said...

@Panther: I have some inactive feeds aswell, but they are only a few.

@Gordon: I remember the days before google reader.

@Snark: You better ask Panther. He has 180 feeds and I dont know how he does.

Anonymous said...

I use GoogleReader aswell.Its a nice lil program that made my life alot easier.Im at 69 Feeds atm.

Btw i somehow cant get your feed to work and i have to check manually...whats your feed adress again?

Phossil said...

@Blowfish: Have you tried with the feed icon in the address bar? Anyway the feed is