Creating CNAME in netfirms for blogger custom domain

Netfirms in one domain registrar alternative for Internet users. Is fast and at some point lowest priced, but in terms of technical support they need to work more in customer satisfaction.

Creating a CNAME is the first step after registering your domain. Here are the steps for creating CNAME in Netfirms for blogger hosted domains.

1.Login to Control panel
2.Go to Domain settings
3.Click on your domain name into forwarding location settings.

4.Enter your domain name in the format(trailing slash at the end) and click on Modify.

5.Go to Admin>Cname
Enter your sub domain name as www
Cname as

6.Click on add.

Be advised it can take up to 24 hours for a CNAME to begin working as well as over 24-72 hours for a brand new domain to begin working.

Also, You cant create the CNAME without the www prefix (at least with Netfirms), but Blogger has a workaround when configuring the publishing options to redirect the traffic in domains without www (may take some time to fully work). Another option could be create a CNAME entry as it would be a subdomain (

When configuring Blogger remember to complete domain name starting with www in blogger settings and activate the alias/redirect feature (optional).

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