New Ipod Nano

New nano and I even like the colors!

Apple has released the new Ipod Nano now with a integrated camera and a FM radio turner. I dont want to explicitly say it but I told you!! This was the kind of missing features I expected in previous releases of Ipod Nano as you can read in a previous post or when I was comparing Ipod with Zune.

In my previous posts I was predicting Ipod should have FM and video capabilities now a reality.

The new Ipod Nano can now, shoot video, has a FM turner and record voice. Considerable capabilities I would like to see in Ipod nano would be: Bluetooth, custom or personalizable GUI themes, capabilities to read or to see certain documents (TXT,PDF,DOC) and now that has a camera, take photos perhaps??

What will Apple add in future releases of Ipod Nano?


Snark said...

Huh. The FM radio should be pretty sweet.

sonic_ver2 said...

So Apple is trying to create an iPod Nano sized gadget with iTouch system minus the touch as the gadget's system.

phossil said...

the touch thing will be added in next releases of ipod nano.