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Our mission is to bring everyone moe image gallery boards of things related with Japan, anime, cosplay, otaku culture and from time to time travel and photography posts in the blog. 

I wrote this policy to help you understand what information is collected, how the blog uses it and what choices you have about it. is a blog hosted in blogger with a custom and personalized domain from a third party service. I use Google analytics and Google ads service to track some data from our visitors in order to improve the content of the web page.

We try our best on the blog.

Basically, without being too technical, part of the collected information deals with what device you use to visit our site, your country, the browser you use and the pages (posts) you visit in the site. If you decide to put and write a comment on the blog, you can do so with your google account, with your email address, with your facebook or any openId account or anonimously.

Blogger may use cookies to log this data which can be usefull if you are a frequent visitor of the site.  Google advertisement program uses also this information to provide a better marketing campaign for you as a user.

I am aware I do not own the images, pictures and photos posted in the galleries but I do try to give credit to the owners or the source of the images. Sometimes I put a link to a board,  Flickr album, Pinterest board, Pixiv user or Twitter account. So in certain way, I collect your social media information, made already public by you, to redirect and share the visits of the site to the original media creator. don't sell any of this collected information but since I am using Google hosting services and some third party websites and services, as described above, I cannot speak on behalf their own privacy policies.

If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact me at my blogger/gmail account or leave a message/comment on the site.

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