Aegis (アイギス), the blond android girl, is one of the main characters from Play Station role-playing video game: Persona 3.

She is a high tech rocket launcher weapon. I particularly like her body design. Moe image gallery dedicated to her. Have you played Persona PS game series?

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Have you fan of role-play games?

Omake shot:
Aegis Dakimakura design

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Dakimakura photo compilation post from happy owners. For the uninitiated, a dakimakura (抱き枕) is a type of large huggable pillow cover with moe girls images in both sides in suggestive poses . Dakimakuras are sometimes related with Otakus but that's not always the case.

Blogger friend Katayoku first Dakimakura.

Hatsume Miku dakimakura. Check runaroundkazu for more pics.

Following are Sohara and Ikaros dakimakuras from memoriesoffaddict


Saber Lily lovely dakimakura from our friend Wolfheinrich

Dengeki - The moe magazine - ussually features special dakimakuras as monthly freebies. XxVashxX has this two.

Are you a dakumakura lover/owner ? leave your comments.



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