Swimsuits gallery #2

Swimsuits! Swimsuits everywhere! Summer holidays start today and it's already hard to choose between all cute girls in swimsuits. I don't know if I can keep my sanity.

Thank God Summer is here!!

I love thisFate and Nanoha image a lot.

What girl will you take to the beach with you?

source of the images: Yande.re (previously imouto.oreno.com)


Shizuo said...

From the girls above, I choose Madoka from Rinne no Lagrange >3<

bluedrakon said...

can't take any of them as my wife would kill me - LOL :_(

Persocom said...

I think I like the one with the beach ball next to dolphin rider the best, whatever her name may be :3

bikini swimwear said...

Very nice and beautiful:)I love it:)