Rio's Zoo & National Museum

Looks like I still have some pictures from my trip to Rio de Janeiro. This time I went to Jardim Zoológico (Zoo Garden) and National Museum.

Which animal is your favorite when you go to the Zoo?

It was a very hot day. No wonder why this Brown Bear had a little splash down the water.

Monkey business. Please don't feed the animals.

Tropical penguins!!

The National Museum was established  in the former house of the Rio de Janeiro Emperor and it is run by Universidad Federal de Río de Janeiro (UFRJ). It is located just in front the Zoo Garden.

The museum has a bone collection of dinosaurs and many stuffed birds. The same reason why some locals know the museum as "House of the Birds".

Door detail of the main Gate of the former Imperial Palace. More pictures are available at my flickr Set.


Shizuo said...

Favorite animal in the zoo? looks like tiger. Because it looks brave and powerful.


bluedrakon said...

Mine has to be the Chimpanzees, but I have to say that any my sister-in-law works at the Baltimore Zoo with them :D

phossil said...

@Shizuo: I bet you liked toradora, Lol.

@Bluedrakon: Wow, My favorite is the penguins :)