Rio - Day 6

Some assorted pictures from day 6 in my past trip to Rio de Janeiro. More picturo es of this particular day and from my trip are available in the Week of Rio flickr collection.

I spent this day some time in the Ipanema and Leblon beach and some walks in downtown.

My transport around the "Cidade Maravilhosa" (wonderful city) was generally bus and subway. I try to avoid taxis, first because you dont get a full taste of the city you are visiting and second it may be a little insecure or expensive for a ride.

Here the subway is called "Metro" and there are some entry pre-paid cards you can buy to get on the subway. Upper picture is an electronic refill cabin for your metro card. You can also check the balance of the card.

Metro station. Looks very modern but not all stations look the same way. This is the "Cidade Nova" (New City) station. Very close to Maracana Stadium (will make a post about it).

Cidade Nova-

Shopping Leblon. A very huge an cool shopping mall.

Inside there was guess what? Yeah, a Starbucks coffee!

Kagamin with me in the restoration area, er, I mean in the food court. ^_^

Omake shot:

While walking in the city I just spotted the Google maps Street View car.


Shizuo said...

Nice photos as usual =)

Anyway, I just know there is Google map street view car. Because I never seen it in my country.

bluedrakon said...

I have to agree with Shizuo as I have not seen one either here.

btw - where are all the swimsuit shots :P

phossil said...

@Shizuo: By the moment Street view is not available in all countries. :(

@Bluedrakon: If I remember well, it was Leblon beach. (far ahead is Ipanema).