Pão de Açúcar

More pictures from my trip to Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Sugarloaf Mountain is another icon for the city specially because the modern touristic cable car service they have.

This is the land station. There are two more stations.

Once in the first station there is an Heliport for tours of the city by helicopter. Too bad I didnt know and I didnt had enough money for a 5 mins trip.

Part of the view of the city you can get in the mountain.

A view of Copacabana beach from Sugarloaf mountain.

Restoration point in second station.


Shizuo said...

Beautiful photos!

How much cost for sightseeing by helicopter?

bluedrakon said...

Looks like a nice ride up the mountain and the views looks sensational

phossil said...

@Shizuo was about US$120 for 5 mins roundtrip.

Shizuo said...


Shit, damn expensive >_<