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For the uninitiated, Danbo or Danboard (ダンボー) is a cardboard box robot. It's as low-tech as one can possibly get I think. In fact, its not actually a robot at all.... (photo compilation after the jump).

Danbo appeared first time in the popular serial, Yotsubato/Yotsuba manga chapter 28.

In the manga, Danboard is a costume worn by Miura Hayasaka, a friend of Yotsuba's most frequent playmate, Ena Ayase. Ena does not have the heart to tell Yotsuba that Danboard is not a real robot, so Yotsuba thinks Danboard is real.

Danboard looks great in pictures, despite its blocky appearance.

I do not own the pictures but Im trying to give credit to respective owners. you can find more Danbo pics in the Flicr area (click the image in the first photos) or in the following links:

[Update] More pics available ahead:

Looking for ways of do your own papercraft Danbo? Look here then http://yuiiwae.deviantart.com/gallery/61206622/Danbo

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bluedrakon said...

I have seen this and my wife got a 'hoot' out of it. Anything for Amazon to get cash for - lol