NES cartridge

My NES cartridges collection post. Anyone had played NES too? Typical game every gamer had was Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. I also had Batman game (based in the first movie btw) and Ninja Gaiden II.

Simpson's game: "Bartman meets Radioactive Man". One of the few games I completed.

Ninja Gaiden II. Awesome game but rather difficult. To be honest I couldnt complete it. I always lost against the last boss. Now there is a new version of the game for PS3.

Space invaders modern game. Not bad for a 2D game but despite the image it was for 1 player only.

1990? Let see, back in those days FIFA World Cup was in the news so an unlicensed soccer game was released. Something funny about this kind of 11 in 1 cartridges they had the same games built-in but with minor variations.

Inside the cartridges you can see the ROM chip of the game. Incredible how 8MB in memory could produce epic games.

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Bluedrakon said...

It is kind of crazy how those games were produced with chip sets back int he day. Now it is all on a CD or memory stick.

Makes you wonder what the future holds for the next gen of gamers