New Year Resolutions

Interesting stuff to do and to buy for this year:
* Increment blog exposure
* Start savings for more anime figurines. ^^
* Buy a DSLR camera. I think Im ready to do this hobby step.
* Learn japanese. I have been procrastinating this resolution for years and is still in my list.
* Buy an Iphone.
* Buy a Wii and replace my gamecube gaming system.
* Get a girlfriend. I know this has been almost impossible to accomplish for someone introverted like me.

As for anime, I pretend to watch the next shows this year since last year I wasnt able to watch a lot of anime shows:
* Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood- Currently Im watching it.
* Aria the animation.
* Hayate no Gotoku!
* K-On. At least I want to finish it because there's room for another season. ^^
* Fullmetal Panic! An anime classic with the Fullmetal name on it, so Im curious.

These resolutions arent in specific order. Have you made your resolutions for 2010?


Katsura-chan said...

That's nice resolution ^^
i don't know what a DSLR camera is but i'm sure it's important :p
Wii is a great game plateform but i don't have the time to play with it as much as i want :/
An iPhone is something i would never buy, i hate phones so better buy the simpler mobile phone in the world and use the rest in figures :)
Finding love is hell of a challenge ... i understand you since i miserably fail in that area too.
Good point to watch Aria, it's soooo lovely. (don't forget to watch the 3 seasons ;-) )
Maybe i'll post a resolution list myself on my blog ... maybe :p

phossil said...

@Katsura-chan: Lol. A DSLR is a digital camera, but not a point and shoot digital camera, used for serious photography with all kinds of camera lenses lingo. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's excellent resolutions. Mainly the buy of a reflex :) because it'll be useful if you buy more figures. You'll provide nice review to us :)

My owns ? I don't like to take them because i always have troubles to keep them but i would say :
Watching a bit more animes and mostly finish all i started and also do a photobook.

I hope you find love;)

Chappy said...

Looks like getting a DSLR is a resolution to many fellow otakus out there. Haha. ^^ Getting DSLR is a good choice. Not only for our pretty figurines but also daily memories. =D I realized I take more photos after I got my DSLR, which is good.

Wii is great! You ave got to get Mario series if you ever get your wii. LOL!

sonic_ver2 said...

hmm... let's see, I've completed half of your listed resolution. XD

Anyway, for DSLR, have you decided which brand you'll get?

Those anime seems classic to me. And i thought i was backlogging to much anime...

Well anyway, good luck with your resolution!!

Jamaipanese said...

make that 2 DSLR cameras! one for me too!

Anonymous said...

DSLR... dont step on the dark side TAT...

Iphone... i want but.. it lack of something tho..~~

Reltair said...

Those new year resolutions look like they require quite a bit of spending. Ganbatte!

Optic said...

"Start savings for more anime figurines. ^^" - I recommend being more selective.

"Buy a Wii and replace my gamecube gaming system." - Ur gaming activity will increase dramatically when u do. xD

"K-On." - Put this as ur no. 1 priority on ur list. xD

Yi said...

Good luck with your resolutions!