Madobe Nanami Win7 OS-Tan

An instant Hijack from who took Madobe Nanami design and applied various color variations in photoshop.

Absolutely gorgeous! Visit his blog for original credits and source files. What Madobe Nanami color variation is your favorite?

Expect new Os-Tan designs for Windows 7 in the cloud.


Snark said...

Eh, I'll stick with original blue

Reltair said...

Need that blue that's associated with Windows. They should have that special system voice or whatever for other countries. ^^;

blur said...

I'm more of a green guy.. :p

Yi said...

This is quite cute. I like the black color scheme.

phossil said...

@Snark: I like the blue and black Nanami.

@Reltair: True. Maybe for regions instead.

@blur: safe for the environment?

@Yi: I would like to see Nanami full body picture, just to have a better appreciation.