Hall of fame

My employer has a wall in the lobby of the office featuring all the certifications in frames that trainers have won.

There is a lot of pressure for winning certifications in here, and both boss and supervisor expects at least one certification per month, like if that would be piece of cake.

For now there are two certifications won by me in the so called hall of fame. I recently has passed Exchange 2007 certification exam, but Im not the kind of person who likes or enjoys showing off my credentials just to get noticed.

I do like for example, to display credentials from different vendors, as a way to inspirate people and in sort way to show an example of what would you win if you decide for certain certification track.

Could you guess what frame its mine from the pic? There are Itil certs, office specialists, Linux and Microsoft certifications from all my coworkers.


Reltair said...

Hm, how useful are those certifications? Thought about trying to get some, but not sure.

phossil said...

@Reltair: Its useful to validate your level of knowledge, not your expertise (for it, you will need experience).

Optic said...

Now that is a lot of certifications. I say the more the merrier but showing ur credentials is what it really counts in the workforce.