How much is your Blog worth?

Lets play in the beach..

For those who were always wondering how much money your site or blog worth, or are interested in monetizing with your blog in the cloud here is a link that might help you.

I wasnt interested in knowing since Im not blogging because of the money, but I think its a good thing to have at least an idea of how much this humble blog worth. Lol. ^^

In my case, the result was aprox. $1,100. Good revenue i think If I would planning to sell my blog but I would rate it a little higher for all the trouble I had before. Just for curiosity and for fun I checked some other sites I recurrent visit - not for rivalry dont get me wrong- but mostly all were good rated.

Come and share if you like how much your site worth. Pic not much related with post but I liked the girls in the beach (dont know who they are..)


Nopy said...

Wow, your blog is an infinity times more valuable than mine ($0).

so sad :(

phossil said...

@Nopy: How is that possible? I doubt it a lot.

Anonymous said...

My Primary Blog, Open Your Mind is worth $5,080.86!

My Secondary Blog, Deciphered Melody is worth $4,516.32!!


Nopy said...

@Phossil: I don't know, but that's what the site says about my blog.

Optic said...

My blog is worth $5,080.86.

That is a lie. LOL

phossil said...

@53rg10: I didnt notice you had 2 blogs.

@Nopy: Maybe the new domain name had something to do.

@Optic: I think the program verifies the hits the site has.

Snark said...

Apparently Taikutsu Remedy is worth $2,800.

Now to find someone to hawk it off to.

Persocom said..., is worth $3,387.24 So it says. Last time I checked it was worth $0, so I must be doing something right.

sonic_ver2 said...

Uhh.... me got USD 500, pretty lame XP

phossil said...

@Snark: didnt you started your blog after mine?? And its worth more?? Lol. :)

@Persocom: Having your domain name helped.

@sonic_ver2: Just let the collectors do their thing.

Blowfish said...

Now if those werent Dream Dollars :P